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28 mai 2012 1 28 /05 /mai /2012 05:28

Sir Isaac Newton's contributions to the field of mathematics are known to all. The three , gravitational attraction between bodies, Breitling Montbrillant. dispersion of light and Newton's rings are just a few of his world famous theories. Newton was born in Woolsthrope, England. He was a mediocre student in school. It was during the summer of 1665, that he proved his mettle by showing his genius in the field of mathematics. During this time he solved calculus problems with a geometrical perspective. He found that addition of infinitesimal small lengths would result in integration and their separation is what is called differentiation. He also proposed that white light or sunlight is not a single color but a combination of seven colors. He also gave a theory that light is a wave and thus, the field of quantum physics came into existence. In 1687, Newton published the book 'Principia', which is considered as the greatest scientific book ever written. In this book he applied the laws of motion and gravitation to the universe, and proved the gravitational attraction between astronomical bodies. Newton, like all other great mathematicians, was a great philosopher too. He provided the scientific world with an array of mathematical theories, from the swinging of a pendulum to the gravitational attraction between astronomical bodies. The tundra biome is the largest biome on this planet, constituting almost 1/5th of the total surface of the earth. There are three different types of tundra that exists. These are, Swiss Breitling Watches. the Arctic Tundra, the Antarctic Tundra, and the Alpine Tundra. The Arctic tundra is situated at the northern hemisphere, in the Arctic circle, which is the coldest spot on earth! Studies show that the northern pole, where the tundra is located, wasn't this cold in the past. It is due to the gradual movements of plates that make the surface of the earth and the constant change in the climatic conditions of the world that has resulted in the current climatic conditions of the tundra. The Antarctic tundra is situated in the Southern hemisphere in Antarctica, as the name suggests; and the Alpine tundra consists of the high altitude areas consisting the mountains tops. However, when we speak about the tundra biome, we usually refer to the Arctic tundra, which also happens to be the youngest biome among all, formed about 10,000 years ago! Because of the unusual geographical location of the tundra biome, each and everything about this place is unusual and mysterious. For example, during summer season, the sun shines in the tundra biome for 24 hours, which means that it is bright and sunny even during the midnight! The flora and fauna in the tundra have adapted themselves to the climate and the surroundings of the tundra biome. As you continue to read further about this spot on earth, you will discover as to how different and unimaginable it is to be a resident of the largest biome on earth.


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Matawal 14/04/2016 14:43

His mathematical discoveries are legendary. We will continue to uphold his great legacies.

Matawal 14/04/2016 14:41

What a great Mathematician he was. We will continue to cherish his great legacies.